When it comes to motorcycling holidays Alpe-Adria is one of Europe’s genuine highlights. We focus on Allroad routes that range from the Alps, through the Balkan mountains into Montenegro seaside.  

Why choose Alkemist Adventures?

Founded as a ‘boutique agency’ specializing in catering to the individual needs and abilities of our guests. With only 6 riders maximum on each tour, we offer a dedicated 5-star service allowing for specific preferences to maximise everyone’s experience.






GS Wonderland in Portugal7 days3.3.2019 - 9.3.2019Fully bookedMore Info
Turn 2 Gravel – Upgrade Your Riding Skills; Slovenia2 days25.5.2019 - 26.5.2019AvailableMore Info
Grand Adventure , Alpe Adria ( Slovenia, Croatia, Bosna and Hercegovina, Montenegro)12 days27.5.2019 - 7.6.2019AvailableMore Info
Mountain Eagle Tour with special guest Honza Zlabek ( GS Trophy rider) – Slovenia- Croatia – Bosnia – Montenegro – Albania - Kosovo14 days12.7.2019 - 25.7.2019AvailableMore Info
Alps Adventure gravel and beautiful passes in one tour, Slovenia, Italy, France12 days10.8.2019 - 20.8.2019AvailableMore Info
Turn 2 Gravel – Upgrade Your Riding Skills; Slovenia2 days7.9.2018 - 28.8.2018AvailableMore Info
Grand Adventure with special guest Bine Volcic (Masterschef, Alpe Adria12 days9.9.2019 - 20.9.2019AvailableMore Info
Late Summer Shrimp Tour, Croatia10 days2.10.2019 - 11.10.2019AvailableMore Info
GS Wonderland in Portugal7 days3.11.2019 - 9.11.2019AvailableMore Info



  • Charlie DeLoney
    My son and I went on the Grand Adventure tour with Alkemistadventures in 2018 and could not have been happier with literally every aspect of the trip. The proprietors of the company and their excellent staff went the extra mile with every detail to insure the comfort, safety, and excitement of the guests. Profile wise, I am a 60+ year old American, a semi retired professional who has traveled extensively and ridden motorcycles with other companies. This was undoubtedly one of the finest travel experiences of my life. I look forward to riding with Alkemistadventures again! Charlie DeLoney Sacramento CA
    Charlie DeLoney
  • Chris
    There are no end of superlatives to describe Alkemist Adventures, whether it be an extremely professional organisation, a real sense of belonging to a group of like minded riders who together with the members of the team form a real and genuine bond through ‘The Grand Adventure’ which covers the beautiful and welcoming countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro. 10 days of brilliant on road and gravel riding, the latter at times being challenging but always with a great sense of achievement and really helped by an initial training day, which is highly recommended for off road riders of any standard. To say that I felt part of a family is an understatement and the attention to detail of all aspects of the tour including the excellent accommodation and superb food made it one of the best experiences of my life. My great thanks to Marko, Tony, Mikhail, Dragana and Matic for all your efforts and your genuine care and friendship. Also to Tonie’s wife Petra for laughing at my jokes! I look forward to seeing you all again in the near future and missing you already.
  • Amy and Brian
    Hands down the best Motorcycle touring company and team we have ever used or ridden with. This was probably our 7th or 8th tour we have done using different companies every time. I actually hate to even use the word company because at no time did we ever feel like we were just a paying client riding with a company. We felt like we were traveling, riding, exploring and eating amazing food with great new or even old friends everyday! It was never a strick schedule or routine day. They literally thought of every little detail of the day to add to the almost perfect experience already. I can't recommend them enough. We also can't wait to ride with them all again. Make sure to let us know when you have a Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Greece tour put together? Love and Safe travels to you all!
    Amy and Brian
  • John
    Just returned from the 10 day Grand Tour, it was Superb, from the initial enquiry to the farewell diner - perfect! The team, management, bikes, trails, hotels, food and even the weather. This is the best biking holiday I’ve been on, thank you to: Tony, Marko, Mikhail, Dragana and Matic for all of the effort you put in. I will definitely be back soon � Don’t make the mistake of flying into Vienna which is a 4 hour transfer, Ljubjana less than hour! I would also choose to stay a couple of extra days in Ljubjana next time. I look forward to sharing our photos and buying your custom made video of our tour � PS please let me have next years tour dates as soon as you can. Thx again
  • Vic
    After meeting, riding, talking and living alongside the team at Alkemist Adventures I have come to the conclusion that doing more of what you love is the essence of life. The knowledge, experience, personal engagement and service delivered from the team is exceptional. If you have a passion or interest in experiencing the Balkans in a way that few have or will where the sites and sounds of the local community can be found plus 5 star service then Alkemist is for you. It's not for the beach bum but those with an intrepid streak in their souls. Exciting off road motorcycling and challenges you will find in front and beneath you are overcome with the support and encouragement of these guys who love their jobs and want you to see their world with open eyes. I did and I want more Thanks Marko, Anton, Michal, Clemen and Manuella for delivering first class upgraded experience for me and to Dragana for not giving up on my indecision. I've met some interesting and charming people through this who inspire me just as you have. See you again soon. This trip along with getting there and returning has reinforced in me the knowledge that we're all after the same things in life. That we can share and do them with strangers makes us better people. It's guys like these who make great things happen for many people.
  • Iain
    I have just finished the July Grand Adventure tour with Alkemist and I am almost lost for words to describe how much I enjoyed it, but can only echo Victors sentiments below (have a safe ride back North to Sweden Victor!). I had some initial doubts about booking due to the lack of reviews and concerns that it may be a line of bikes following a distant “ tour guide” - the reality couldn’t have been more different! The bikes were new, the routes selected were stunning and the enthusiasm and engagement of the Alkemist team at every stage from being met at the airport to the ability to “find” the perfect coffee stop along the way showed how much advance work had gone into the preparation for the tour. The trip had the feel of riding with a group of friends who were enjoying the experience as much as I was. There were 5 different models of bike on 3 different sets of tyres which we had the opportunity to try out along the way and a day on the offroad track with Clemen before we started and gravel riding tips from Michal and Marko along the way have hopefully improved my offroad riding style! I could have easily spent a week at all of the stopping off points along the way, the scenery quite different and stunning in different ways and so many different gravel road surfaces to ride on joined by sweeping twisty tarred sections. I would happily ride with the same group again – great company(!) and......Marko, Tony, Clemen, Michal, Manuella ( and Dragana) thanks again for an excellent trip and look forward to riding with you again soon