Everywhere we stop on our tours guests can enjoy the taste of homemade cooking and traditional Balkan hospitality. Only Organic is our motto – from garden to table and farm to fork. Highlights include meals from the kitchen of the first female Michelin starred chef in Slovenia’s Karst region, the best baked and grilled meat masters in the world in Bosnia and daily fresh seafood from Croatia’s many islands.
Needless to say, the wines and beers across the region are excellent. In general, there is a wide culinary diversity in the Balkan Region and our mission is to cover as much of it as we possibly can. Choices range from the oriental cuisine in the east to the fine central European specialties of the west, the organic vegetables and the delicious homemade delicacies in the north to the seafood with a Mediterranean flair in the south. There really is something for everyone, and lots of new experiences to sample. And not only are the goods fresh and delicious, but the people of the region truly know how to enjoy their food, and they are eager to share their skills.


After a long day in the saddle is important to take a good rest, have a nice dinner and a good sleep. As a boutique travel agency we focused on those exclusive places that will make Your adventure more authentic and above all personalised.
In places like Sarajevo we will stay in a hotel in the heart of the old town but in the mountains we will sleep in guest-houses and lodges, sometimes even tree houses.
After all, we are Adventure Motorcycle tour agency and part of adventure is getting to know how local people live, eat and think, that's why we try to avoid popular touristic places.